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Special gel of new generation

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HAMAVISS gel 125 ml for pharmacies

What is the HAMAVISS gel?

A special gel of new generation, the only one in Slovakia containing PERNA CANLICULUS (The New Zealand green-lipped mussel). In addition, it contains highly quality Glycosaminoglycans GAG. The gel has a pleasant cooling effect, which takes effect immediately after application. It relaxes the muscles, tendons and joints. Then after a few minutes the gel starts to warm up the treated area. Thanks to the combination of active ingredients the resilience is very intense.


What is the HAMAVISS gel used for?

  • to promote blood circulation and to regenerate muscles and joints
  • to reduce swelling
  • to improve joint mobility and the quality of cartilages
  • to help with strained muscles
  • to sooth muscle soreness
  • before sport activities to warm up the muscles and improve blood circulation in muscles
  • after sport activities to provide treatment and recovery to tired muscles

Who is the HAMAVISS gel for?

It can be used by all age groups including schoolchildren, active sportsmen or senior citizens. Before first use always read the instructions, warning and ingredients!

How to use HAMAVISS gel?

Massage HAMAVISS gel three times a day to a particular skin area such as the neck, the shoulders, the back, the elbows, the knees, the hands, the legs or the feet.

Advantages of using HAMAVISS gel:

  • absorbs immediately
  • does not leave a greasy film
  • pleasant smell