Reviews of cotton bags

Cotton bags

Would you like to advertise your company or town? We can make you give-away cotton bags with a logo of your choice. Present your goods in a bag with your logo as a gift for your customers. We also make bags for the little ones - they can take them to the kindergarten or go shopping with mum.

  • Cotton bags with the logo of your company or the coat of arms of your town/village
  • Cotton bags with various motifs
  • We can adjust the size of our bags according to your needs
  • Made in Slovakia

We also make bags of sizes required by you. In case of larger contracts, please contact us and we can send an adjusted price offer. We use the following materials to make our bags:

  • 100% cotton 240 g/m2, beige
  • 100% cotton 240 g/m2, white
  • 100% cotton 145 g/m2, white